Castle Rock Oversized Drystack

Castle Rock stone comes from our highest mountain top quarry. Castle Rock is primarily grey, with chocolate brown, and light tan tones that display the ruggedness of Northwest Montana. ***Limited Availability – High Elevation Quarry***

Small Oversized Drystack

Weight: 300-1,000 lbs per rock
Size Range: 16″-30″ x 16″-30″

Medium Oversized Drystack

Weight: 1,000-4,000 lbs per rock
Size Range: 2’x2.5’x3′ to 3’x3’x4′

Medium Seat Rocks

Palletized, 16″-30″ x 16″-30″ x 2-5′ long (500-5,000 lbs per rock)

Large/Jumbo Oversized Drystack

Weight: 4,000-6,000+ lbs each
Size Range: 3’x3.5’x4′ to NO MAX size

–ALL material above must be machine set–

Geological Stone Type: Argillite

*All weights and coverages are approximate