Colonial Wall Ledge Thin Veneer

Colonial Wall Ledge is primarily blue and grey with some browns and tan tones. The Ledgestone pattern has a mix of thin pieces with varying lengths. The visible part of the stone is the “end grain” which is distinctly different from the face of the stone.

Stone Thickness & Size Range

Thickness: 3/4″ – 1 -1/2″
Face Values: 1-4″ high x 6-12″ lengths

Stone Weights & Coverages

Weight per square foot: under 15 lbs
Coverage per pallet: Large Box – 108 sq ft // Medium Box – 54 sqft // Small Box –  9 sqft

Coverage per pallets: Large Box – 100 linft // Medium Box – 50 linft // Small Box –  5 linft

Geological Stone Type: Sandstone

*All weights and coverages are approximate