Kintla Stack Stone Thin Veneer

Kintla is an exquisite combination of three of our most popular Chief Cliff stones, McGregor Lake, Moose Mountain and a splash of Montana Antique/Autumn Flame. The gorgeous greys, tans, browns and golds with pops of rust tones throughout make this stone an incredible compliment to a wide range of designs. This stone comes in flats only. ***Limited availability***

Stone Thickness & Size Range

Thickness: 3/4″ – 1 3/8″
Face Values: 1-3″ high x 3-10″ long

Stone Weights & Coverages

Weight per square foot: 13.33 lbs
Weight per pallet: 2,000 lbs
Coverage per pallet: 150 sq ft


Geological Stone Type: Argillite

*All weights and coverages are approximate

Please Note: This stone blend contains Montana Antique/Autumn Flame. Due to the high iron content in those stones, rust-like bleeding may occur if exposed to water/excess moisture.