Thin Veneer Stone

McGregor Lake Thin Veneer

Natural stone thin veneer stone is the sawn faces of traditional "full thickness" masonry stone.  Traditional masonry building stone veneer typically ranges in thickness (depth) from 3" to 5" and weighs approximately 53 lbs per square foot. This weight and thickness then requires additional support to install. However, thin veneer products vary in thickness between ¾" and 1¼" and only weigh approximately 13 lbs per square foot, therefore this product does not require any special foundations or extra support to install.  Thin veneer is also available in 90˚ corners that help conceal the overall material depth and bring on the appearance of a full thickness stone.

Thin veneer stone installs quickly and easily over a wide variety of substrates allowing for greater versatility in installation.  We have laid out this installation for you in our blog on How to Install Thin Veneer.  To learn more, click here for more information on What is Natural Stone Thin Veneer?

Thin Veneer Styles

Thin Veneer Colors