In The Press: Western Home Journal – Flathead Valley – Winter 2017

24 May

Flathead ValleyWinter 2017 HOMES SET IN STONE Montana Rockworks provides stone for connecting a home with the surrounding land and to balance the nuances of design, as well as the skilled craftsmanship and exacting cuts that maximize each stone’s beauty and functionality. Since forever, we have built our homes from rock and found artistic expression […]

In The Press: Western Home Journal – Sun Valley – Winter 2017

24 May

Sun ValleyWinter 2017 BEAUTY BALANCED IN STONE Stone is significant to mountain homes whether inside, part of the surrounding landscape, or as the home’s base. Montana Rockworks provides stone varieties to harmonize with locations and balance the nuances of design, as well as the skilled craftsmanship for exacting cuts to maximize the stone’s beauty and […]

Stone Style Fusions

23 May

One of the most desirable aspects of natural stone are its limitless possibilities. Here at Montana Rockworks we have been continuing to raise the bar with our natural stone products. Most recently we have introduced stone fusion blends. What is that you may ask? Well let me break it down for you. In the natural stone world generally there are styles of […]

Grout Styles

22 Mar
McGregor Lake Ledge Thin Veneer - Overgrout Joint

In the world of masonry, there are many variables that can affect the overall look of a project. One of these variables is the grout style in which the stone is laid. What this means is the way that the mortar is filling the crevices between the stones. This grout styling can include not only […]

In The Press: Western Home Journal – Sun Valley – Winter I Spring 2016

21 Jan
Tumbled Chief Cliff Ledge Full Thickness

MONTANA ROCKWORKS Building with Permanence Earth is made of rock, from the tallest mountains to the floor of the deepest ocean, with thousands of different types gracing the planet. Most rocks at Earth’s surface are formed from only eight elements—oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. But, what is unique, is that all […]

How To! Install Thin Veneer

07 Dec
Raking the joints of thin veneer

One of the MANY great aspects of thin veneer is that as a home or project owner, you can install it yourself if you so choose! I myself have installed natural stone thin veneer quite a bit and will honestly say it is blast! Of course you are working with natural stone, so its not going to be a peel […]

What is Natural Stone Thin Veneer?

01 Dec
McGregor Lake Thin Veneer

What is Natural Stone Thin Veneer? Natural stone is a desirable, durable building material going back thousands of years. Because of certain weight limitations with full bed natural stone, manufactured, also known as faux stone, became an alternative. However this product only gave the impression of stone on the project. As the popularity and demand […]

Natural Stone Styles

20 Sep
Castle Rock Stack Stone Thin Veneer

In the natural stone world there are many different styles to choose from to create the look you are after. For those of you in the design phase of your home or project, I have devised a list with photos of the different styles available in natural stone. Keep in mind, the final look will […]

In the Press: Western Home Journal Flathead Valley Sum/Fall 2015

01 Sep

WHEN TALENTED PROFESSIONALS TALK, WE LISTEN. WELCOME TO WESTERN HOME JOURNAL’S SHOPTALK Admit it, you have an inquiring mind, and you want to know about the team building your dream home. We understand the inclination. So we decided to bring you ShopTalk, conversations with the talented pros designing, building, and outfitting your homes. BILL CARTER […]