What is Natural Stone Thin Veneer?

01 Dec
McGregor Lake Thin Veneer

McGregor Lake Thin VeneerWhat is Natural Stone Thin Veneer?

Natural stone is a desirable, durable building material going back thousands of years. Because of certain weight limitations with full bed natural stone, manufactured, also known as faux stone, became an alternative. However this product only gave the impression of stone on the project. As the popularity and demand for the look of stone grew, the innovation of Natural Stone Thin Veneer was conceived. Unlike manufactured stone, thin veneer is quarried and cut to a 1″ thickness from full bed natural stone allowing you to use real stone where you never thought possible. The development of special saws and improvements in technology has enhanced the capabilities of thin veneer to new heights.

What are the Benefits of Thin Veneer:

  — Several styles, sizes, colors, textures and shapes are available to suit the fashion of your project

  — No fading

  — Transportation costs are decreased

  — Adhered veneer so no additional support is required

  — Installation costs are reduced making natural stone thin veneer a competitively priced product

  — Increases value on your home or project

  — LEED and Built Green Points

  — No VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  — Eco-Friendly